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Royalton Roots began as an idea that was sparked during a visit to Hardwick, Vermont.  A center in the state for supporting an agricultural economy, the Hardwick community has seen a recent explosion of growth in the agriculture sector, as well as receiving national attention for their efforts.

If Hardwick can have such success, certainly it would be worth a try in South Royalton, where the farming community has a strong presence.

Founding members Chris Wood, Suzanne Long of Luna Bleu Farm, and Laura Ginsburg from the South Royalton Market, sat down on a fall day and started brainstorming.  What would be the most effective and volunteer friendly way to start getting more local food onto the plates of our fellow community members?  We could do community meals, food donation programs, use local ingredients at the South Royalton Market.  But then it hit us, the center of South Royalton is the school, and the best way to reach out is through this venue.

Contact with staff at the school soon followed, with the Meals Director, Linda Wheelock, heartily on board with the plan.  A meeting was called for community members to attend, with 25 people showing up in mid-November to start planning for the year to come.

We are now at an important junction- keep the momentum up, find more volunteers, and get this program off the ground.  We have a variety of group that all will need your help in the weeks and months to follow.  If you would like to take part we invite you to contact us, and we will put you in contact with the organizer for the initiative you would like to help with.  or

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